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Why we created HostnMe.com?

If you are looking to buy domain, hosting to run your business online, then there are thousands of websites that provide domains and hosting for you to select, each will have their particular promotion program in particular time spans to attract and grab more customers.

However, it is difficult for you to realize that which one is reliable and cost effective hosting provide.

To lessen burdens of users for selecting best web hosting in cheaper price, we have created this Deal portal for hosting and domains. We help you to choose providers that are trusted by webmasters around globe along with best promotion cost for it to minimize yours spends.

About our bread & Butter

I and my team are working hard daily to find the best web hosting coupons and discounts for you. We spend hours daily to write content for this blog. As you know I will receive some commissions from some hosting/domains companies that I introduce customers for them. This is our bread butter.

We never get influence by any commission for reviews of companies on our website. We have maintained our honesty policy and we never accept any paid review with false promotion. All the reviews on HostNme are our personal suggestions based on our own in-depth research.

FTC Disclosure Policy

Every opinion on HostnMe and information shared on our blog is crafted in very easy and understandable format. I and my other authors try level best to respond to each and every comment shared on our guides and tutorials.

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If any of our reader click on any of such link, he or she will be directed to any page or website where they can buy that particular product. But that doesn’t mean that HostnMe.com is a complete affiliate website and I make living on it. That’s completely not true and that’s not going to happen ever.

If you have any questions regarding our disclaimer or want some more information, please get in touch with us through our contact page.